SigmaGATE | Retractable sliding doors


Slim, sliding, safe and secure

SigmaGate is a name not chosen by chance.

Sigma is the greek letter ”S”, which represents four important features: SigmaGate is a Sliding gate-type, which makes it extremely Slim and space saving. Its construction incorporates features that make it both Secure against unauthorized access and Safe for your customers to use.

SigmaGate is available in a stainless steel finish or can be ordered lacquered in any custom colour. The transparent gates are illuminated and can be engraved with logos, text or symbols.

The LED illumination can be coloured according to your corporate profile, but can also switch between red and green to indicate status or blink to attract attention – for instance if an intrusion alarm has been triggered.


  • Adaptable with interfaces for fire alarms and computer control etc
  • The scanner (option) can read QR and barcodes,on-screen or from printed receipts
  • Secure against unauthorized access and safe for your customers to use
  • Adjustable open times can be fine-tuned for perfect performance in each case