Sesame | Opening without receipt reading

Barcode free exit & full control

Sesame is our innovative system for self checkout environments that fully takes the hassle out of payment validation. Sesame is the next generation of intelligence for ExitFlow systems. It works with both AlphaGate and SigmaGate and provides superior control and convenience with a patent-pending, ceiling mounted motion-tracking system.

The system registers all movements inside the Checkout zone and tracks each customer from the validated payment at the SCO-counter to the safe exit at the gate. The first advantage of the innovation being that customers no longer need to juggle and scan a barcode receipt while carrying out their shopping bags. The second advantage being that ALL motion inside the Checkout zone is invisibly supervised. The provides protection against both unpaid and simultaneous exits, backflow entry and can be set to alert on several other types of unwanted behaviour.


  1. The customer in the self-checkout area is detected by the sensor that assigns him an ID
  2. When he has completed the transaction, his unique and unrepeatable ID is authorized to exit
  3. When he approaches the exit area, the ID is checked
  4. Once the ID is approved, the gate opens automatically


  • Supports up to 8 SCO’s in one area (multiple areas possible)
  • Ceiling sensor can monitor up to 200 persons simultaneously
  • Simple POS integration. Same protocol as standard ExitFlow
  • Recommended ceiling height is 2,4 m to 15 m (sensor covering <64 m)