About us



Vision and Mission


We aim to be a partner capable of providing COMPLETE SOLUTIONS based on unique know-how and a clear understanding of our customers’ strategic goals, solutions that take into account the consumers’ viewpoint and their changing behavioural dynamics.


  • To help customers make the consumers’ brand experience a physical reality thanks to our know-how, solutions and ‘partner ecosystem’
  • To support customers at every stage of the project: from assessment of the format to delivery of the completed store.
  • To create added value for us and our customers by developing sustainability-oriented solutions together.
  • To manufacture in compliance with environmental protection standards



Our history

Our history has been one of continuous shopfitting progress, improvement and innovation.

The 1950s saw the establishment of the Cefla Group’s Arredamenti Commerciali Division and the first metal shelving production lines.

During the early 1960s, experience in the fields of sheet metalworking and ventilation/heating was followed by the development of finishing spray booths and linear ovens for drying finished panels.

During the early 1970s the internationalisation process began and the first branch was established in France.

Production of barrier checkouts for the large-scale retail trade began in the early 1980s, setting a new standard for payment systems. The same period also saw a strengthening of international strategy thanks to the opening of the Cefla Arredamenti Division’s Spanish branch.

In the 2000s, the Futura checkout range was developed, being used to build checkout barriers all over the world and setting a global production standard.

In the same period, the Cefla Shopfitting Business Unit obtained ISO9001/2000 quality certification, making customer satisfaction the main objective of the entire organisation.

During the first decade of this century a unique Futurevision approach saw continuous product innovation with the design and manufacture of internationally patented shelving. This provided space-saving retail outlet display solutions and practical, ergonomic checkouts.

In 2021 Cefla’s Shopfitting Business Unit joins Swedish Group ITAB. This sees the establishment of newco Imola Retail Solutions S.r.l., with its Cefla Retail Solutions brand. Our range continues to be characterised by experience, expertise, made-in-Italy design and quality and will be enhanced by an expanded product range - lighting systems, self-checkouts and digital products - that ensure we’re able to meet retailers’ goals more and more effectively by offering consumers an unmatched shopping experience, boosting both their satisfaction and loyalty.