Quality and certifications

Quality and certifications

Cefla Shopfitting is in compliance with strict international quality standards, such as ISO 9001:2015.

Cefla Shopfitting Solutions pursues a policy of permanent quality improvement for its products, services and organisation, both from a commercial and a productive point of view. Following this philosophy we are certificated, by the prestigious international certifying body DNV GL with ISO 9001:2015.

The Cefla Quality System means that our customers will receive tailor-made solutions to their shopfitting requirements.  Products are designed according to the most advanced functionality, ergonomics and design criteria, consistent with quality standards. The quality system also ensures precise order consignment, compliance with contractual agreements, rapid delivery and efficient installation.


Cefla in the first class in the CRIF rating

Cefla recently was placed in the first class by the Crif rating agency, an index equivalent to maximum reliability for the banks.

This is why, rather than the turnover of around 361 million euro in 2013, itself a 5% increase on that of 2012, the first class rating was conditioned by aconsiderable reduction of debt, in any case very low, which has been cut from the 49 million euro of 2011 to a figure of just 4 million over the course of two years". This was the explanation given by the Chairman of Cefla, Gianmaria Balducci, who went on to explain how the company management has enabled the acheivement of such a result.

“Careful management of the warehouses, rationalisation of the product range, prioritising modularity and thoroughness in collecting payments. We have also started a process of reorganisation, which we hope will enable us to make the most of the synergies on a Group level, from the use of premises down to the expertise of workers in the various business units, who have never previously spoken to each other as they are doing now. The managerial team is cohesive and collaborative. We are always trying to ask something more of ourselves, keep in step with the times and think as a Group rather than as single divisions, which, by definition, are divided”.


Cefla Shopfitting is environmentally aware at all levels of business: from production to logistics

Company Mission: "Promote and spread through educational initiatives and activities respect for the environment at all levels of the business. Measure prevention and protection in order to minimise environmental impact of any type. Define continual improvement objectives in respect of the environment". 


Eco-sustainable Production
A significant amount of thermal energy is consumed during the manufacturing process, for example during the finishing phase. Because of this the heat produced is reused to heat our buildings.



Cefla Shopfitting Solutions carefully manages how it disposes of and recycles industrial waste and carries out the following initiatives:

  • Water consumption monitoring: 44.000 litres recycled on average during the year.
  • Recycling of powder and iron waste resulting in 1085 tonnes being recycled on average in a year.
  • Recycling of "lost" powder paint during the painting phase.
  • Monitor of waste and percentage recycling in production and office facilities.

Sustainable consumption
With regards to energy consumption reductions we propose LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology for part of its light solutions. LED lighting solutions can be characterised as follows:

  • Reliability.
  • Extended length of life.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Low consumption up to 50% savings compared to traditional fluorescent lighting.
  • "Clean" light as UV components are absent.
  • Absence of toxic or poisonous materials, such as mercury.
  • Components are simple to recycle and dispose of.