AlphaGATE | 180° opening

Our AlphaGate is a well-known and proven design with premium features.

Offers 180° action, an anti-panic function with automatic reset and both stand-alone mode and POS-connectivity.

AlphaGate is a tried and tested gate that encompasses many important functions and properties for self-checkout systems.

Adjustable timers adapt to customers’ movement patterns when exiting, minimising backflow. Other available functions include emergency opening with automatic resetting of alarms, remote control and synchronisation of a number of gates.

Equipped with LED lighting, the gate arms can change colour to green to signal approved exiting following a verified payment. A red colour indicates the locked position, while a flashing light indicates blocking or forcing.


  • 180° opening
  • Full Self checkout compatibility
  • Gates with adjustable opening times reduce the risk of backflow, i.e. customers going the wrong way