System 25: modular display system

An ergonomic, compact, flexible display system with a low voltage power supply.

System25 is a modular system that compacts the shelving but without reducing display space.
The Digital Shelf module is a low voltage electrical signal bus that provides shelves with power, LED lighting and digitalization without any need for batteries, combining outstanding design with safety and energy efficiency. The system has several patents.

Shelf System 10

Make even the last pick point practical.

Overall shelf height is reduced by up to 8%.

  • Product picking, even on the highest shelves, is made decidedly easier.
  • Load-bearing capacity remains unaltered: System10 shelves provide the same load-bearing capacity as traditional System25 shelving.

Removable base

Adapts the shelf on the basis of promotional requirements

  • You can place or remove the base according to promotional requirements without having to disassemble the entire system.
  • It's also possible to have the shelf system wheeled at any time with the aid of a simple add-on kit that ensures equally high on-wheel loads too.

"Evo" Backpanel

Gain 10 cm of extra space in your store without reducing display space!

The EVO backpanel is based on the use of a central backpanel as opposed to a traditional dual backpanel system.

Thanks to this patented system you can:

  • widen the aisle to provide more room between shelves.
  • shorten assembly times and optimise transport; the system requires no upper or lower connectors as there's only one part to be assembled.

Digital Shelf System

Bring out the best in your products with highlighting

Digital Shelf System is the most advanced system for distributing electrical power to the shelving.

  • Very low voltage (24 V) combines safety with maximum flexibility.
  • All connections are of the clip-in type and therefore require no work by specialised technicians.
  • Power distribution can be put in place during assembly or after installation thanks to Digital Shelf System magnetic coupling components and Imola Retail Solutions shelves equipped with technical compartments.