New "Zoomiguana" store in Varcaturo

Huge success for our company in contributing to the opening of the tenth "Zoomiguana" store in Varcaturo!
We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone in our collaboration with the prestigious Catania Group.

This is not just another pet store, but an innovative space that offers not only high-quality products for our four-legged friends but also the companionship of live animals and grooming services.
In partnership with our trusted retailer NEW SISTEM srl we have created a welcoming and functional environment. Our shelving with wire back panels provides impeccable product displays, brighter and airier spaces for a better shopping experience.
The customer has chosen our Proxi checkout counters, equipped with the Glory system, for their compactness and convenience, ensuring efficient transaction management.

We are grateful for the trust placed in us by "Zoomiguana" and the Catania Group. We look forward to continuing to innovate and collaborate to create extraordinary shopping experiences for our customers.

Used products

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