System50: commercial metal shelving

Strong and modular as always, the new solutions offer the benefits of Digital Shelf Systems.

More space for your display needs.

  • Uprights’ available sections, 3x3, 6x3, 8x3 and 11x3.
  • Meet various load requirements.
  • Extensions of 10, 20, 40 and 60 cm high.
  • Perforated uprights for use with tie bars are available.

Bases & base plates
Ideal for the Food and Non-Food worlds thanks to their high load capacity.

  • Available bases are 16 cm high.
  • Excellent load capacity and merchandise organisation.
  • Dust sealing base plates.

Back panels.
Imola Retail Solutions technology applied to the back panels.

  • Plain or perforated configuration.
  • Maximum stability even under high loads.

Shelves and brackets.
Supporting the display area


Sheet metal shelves ready for mini-rail fittings


  • Made following the highest construction standards.
  • Size and load capacity according to sector.

Designed to give greater exposure to all merchandise. Strong and practical.

Space for visual communication.
The light that will put you in the limelight. Lighting canopy with LED lights and data display.

  • Efficient visual communication.
  • Maximum configurability and flexibility with the use of standard backings.
  • Possibility of adding LED lighting without needing to add other fixtures.

Gondola endcap 3x3.
High quality gondolas, modular.

Display space for encouraging impulse buying and featuring products that are on sale, taking advantage of its greater visibility. Maximum configurability using a standard product.


  • Quality, strength, modularity and ease of assembly.
  • Seamless integration between shelf and LED light.
  • + 15% energy efficiency compared to traditional light fixtures. 
  • Ability to fit additional LED lights at a later stage.
  • Mini-rail guideways with no additional elements and with standard products.
  • More flexible magnetic attachment.