The new green and healthy concept of the Pyaterochka supermarket

The Pyaterochka retail chain, owned by X5 (one of the largest food retailers in Russia) has opened its first supermarket based on an entirely new concept.

Zenith R.S., our brand that operates in Russia, has handled and built the new 360 m2 store, supplying shelving, floor furnishings, wooden panels and checkout counters.

The aim of the new concept is to make the shopping experience more pleasant for customers and improve their quality of life.

The special attention given to the end customer's well-being is quite evident: the space dedicated to fresh products has doubled in size, occupying about half of the sales area, and one part of the supermarket is entirely dedicated to coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice.

The use of wood in the display structures and checkout counters reflects the natural aspect present throughout the store.

The new ergonomic architecture, personalised spaces and redefined product offer place the end customer and his or her needs at the centre of the purchase experience.