A new way of doing the shopping: It’s Market

Elnòs Shopping (the largest shopping mall in the Brescia area, Italy), in Roncadelle, recently saw the opening of It’s Market, a brand new Italmark store format.

This new format is the result of a partnership involving Ingka Centres, Italmark and Elnòs Shopping; together, they've created a real food shopping experience that combines 'experience areas' and 'sales areas'.

It’s Market has a floor space of about 3000 square metres, 1877 dedicated to sales and 487 to on-the-spot dining. This is a store dedicated to every aspect of food, a practical, appealing meeting place that offers customers a dual-option purchase experience: bringing home the shopping as normal or enjoying different products, directly on the spot, from the fried-food counter, grill, deli counter or hamburger joint.

The food assortment on offer at It’s Market has two key features: Italian excellence and local produce. Big brands and small producers operate side by side, with a clear emphasis on organic, gluten-free, high-end products and local produce.

Taking pride of place is the fruit and vegetable department: showcased - quite literally - above a shopping centre gallery, it highlights the freshness and seasonality of the produce. The fruit and vegetable area is divided between self-service, assisted sales and an innovative Greenerie counter where customers can opt for a take-away or taste salads, soups, smoothies, juices or Hawaiian pokes.

We're proud to have partnered It's Market during the setting up of the store, which proposes an innovative supermarket concept built on experience and service.

The grocery departments, and not only, have been furnished with the lightweight, stylish 3x3 display system. The checkout barrier is topped with a suspended, orange-coloured framework. In addition to supplying display equipment and checkouts, we meticulously designed the various dining areas, characterised by suspended metal and micro-perforated metallic sheet frameworks. Each area has its own personality, with each counter characterised by different colours and materials.

It’s Market paves the way towards the supermarket of the future!