Expert Spresiano_Cefla

Expert Spresiano

Customer: Expert

Location: Spresiano

Year: 2017

Surface area approximately: 850 sqm.
Products: Smart Shelving System, lighting

Cefla Shopfitting handled planning of all shop furnishings and designed the coordinated image and communication.

The aim of the renovation was to align the retail outlet with the new Expert format concept by optimising the goods layout, recouping display space and highlighting products to improve the customers' purchase experience.

The shopfitting solution used a mix of industrial products, such as our System10 shelving and some tailor-made structures. In the household goods department, wooden shelves are supported by a metal structure; in the TV area, the widescreen TV display wall incorporates niches with lit frames to showcase premium models.We also made the LED-lit cases (designed to display articles of special interest), the coffee department shop equipment and the cashier/reception desk.