Comet Bologna IV novembre

Comet Via IV Novembre - Bologna

Client: Comet

Location: Bologna

Year: 2017

Dimensions: mq 300
Products used: Smart Shelving Systemilluminazione, arredo personalizzato

The retail outlet, located in the heart of the city, was designed entirely by Cefla Shopfitting, which handled both the shop equipment and the communication elements.

The goal was to create an innovative outlet by emphasising the displayed goods, extending the shop space and allowing customers to enjoy both the space and the products freely. Given the limited dimensions, nearly all the shop equipment was made to measure; free-touch tables equipped with wooden shelves were inserted, both centrally and against walls.

On vertical walls we find both polished sheet metal backpanels - on which premium products are displayed, on and working - and backlit raster backpanels, suitable for highlighting accessories. The layout also includes use of System10, raster panels, made-to-measure wooden counters and our LED lighting system, integrated on the shelving. Communication has been integrated into the retail outlet by using raster panels positioned around the perimeter and printed cloth panels on columns and along aisles.