Queue management | Ticketing solutions

Ticketing solutions for disperse queues

Creating an exceptional customer experience is critical to customer lifetime value. Our solutions allow you to achieve consistency and increased engagement at all key touch points.

Queue Management is a digital platform for virtual queuing that enables you to define the way your customers are managed in service areas.

The system can be used to control queuing in various areas.

Main features:

•On-premises and On-the-cloud centralized management & configuration
•Targeted Content per hour, branch or region
•Flexible Template Design and Scheduling (Hour, Day and Month)
•Network Monitoring
•Player Grouping
•Reports of Content Displayed
•Segregated screen


  • Works as stand-alone or integrated solution, for example with POS, digital signage and monitoring systems
  • Wired and wireless connectivity options for nodes allows priority to security or flexibility and simple installation
  • Scalable platform capable of delivering additional integration and features in the future.