Face recognition terminal

The most performing face recognition terminal on the market

The Face recognition terminal consists of a Tablet applicable at the entrance to the store, capable of detecting body temperature and recognizing the presence or absence of the mask on the face of the framed person.

Its effectiveness increases considerably when it is applied to the upright of the automatic gate by connecting the two software: if the body temperature exceeds 37.5 °, or the mask is not worn, the gate does not open.

The system is considered the most performing on the market: from the tests carried out it emerged that the detection time of 5 people entering is 11 ": 30 compared to almost 40" for competing products.


  • Recognition up to almost 2m away, with a very wide viewing angle
  • Recognition of the absence of a mask
  • Unlike competitive devices, with our detector the customer does not have to get close to 50 cm, does not have to stop or bend over to be recognized