Endless Aisle | Digital Shelf

The “endless” digital shelf that allows you to consult, find, buy and receive information on products available and not available in the store.

Use of touch display technology is growing and customers continually expect new ways to digitally ‘interact’ with products that are presented to them in a retail environment.

ENDLESS AISLE is a "digital shelf" that allows consultation and purchase, both within the store and remotely, via a multitouch monitor. By connecting it to the payment system it can generate new possibilities in terms of product presentation, product variety and home delivery


  • Present in-depth product informationLet customer compare alternatives side-by-side (like a webshop)
  • Show alternative variants or package sizes 
available but not exhibited in shelf.
  • Fit a much wider range of products offered 
in considerable less space
  • Avoid security issues around stealth-prone goods
  • Connect, coordinate and integrate Online and Offline business
  • Screen-order in store for home delivery (or Click & Collect parcel pickup station)