Click & Collect | Online purchasing and collect to the locker 24/7

Can an online order be collectedat any time and in full freedom? Yes, with our click&collect!

With Click & Collect, modern eCommerce matches it’s around-the-clock online ordering service with a 24/7 automated delivery service, providing the ultimate in choice and convenience for customers.

Our solution consists of robust and reliable lockers, built to provide complete security while withstanding the worst weather conditions. The sturdy hardware is combined with sophisticated and multifunctional software that regulates access, and communicates clearly and effectively with both customers and retail logistics systems.

Parcel lockers for receiving and dispatch

• Modular design lets you adapt the configuration of locker unitsto fit different needs

• The Click & Collect system can handle both collection of purchased goods and manage rebounds

• Software has been developed over many years and provides functionality that is appropriate for a wide range of applications

Online grocery shopping deliveries & dinner plans

• Click & Collect is available in several configurations of chiller/freezer lockers with types and sizes to fit varying demands

• Grocery lockers are shielded with a multi-layer insulation that keeps cold in and heat out

• The indipendent climate control kit provides an efficient, reliable and quiet operation with minimal running costs