Self Checkout TwinFlow

  • Allows you to expand the use of Self Checkout beyond the "Basket2Bag”
  • It manages customers with trolley with a high number of items
  • It is 70% faster than the traditional "Basket2Bag" Self Checkout

TwinFLOW offers an efficient and complete Self Checkout solution.

The TwinFLOW system is built to be as flexible and versatile as possible and at the same time being user friendly for both shopper, staff and service technician. The system offers all the benefits of traditional basket-to- bag systems regarding fraud prevention and self-learning weight security control but also provides additional security by methods of using optical sensors. The TwinFLOW suits both basket and trolley size shoppers and has all features required to handle different kinds of articles.

TwinFLOW Single Lane (TFS) can handle two customers simultaneously with an optimized footprint. Customer 2 can start scanning while customer 1 is still packing.

TwinFLOW Dual Lane (TFD) can handle two customers simultaneously and offers a higher capacity packing solution.


  • Intuitive for customers
  • Can handle two customers at the same time
  • Trolley customers no longer a problem for Self checkout
  • Double throughput potential compared to conventional basket-to-bag systems
  • Additional security features using optical sensors
  • Integrated cash manangement