Self Checkout MoveFLOW Modular

•It is the ideal Self Checkout solution for "Basket2bag" shopping

•Space in the layout reduced

•The consumer can decide whether to pay by card or cash

MoveFLOW is an ideal express checkout in stores or as complementary express checkout in supermarkets, DIY stores and convenience stores. The system has a small footprint and is very clean and smart, making it easy for staff and shoppers to understand. The MoveFlow Modular can be equipped with card payment and integrated cash management. We currently offer two levels of cash management systems with different speed, capacity, simplicity and security levels. MoveFlow Modular is available in different sizes to meet any store requirement:

MoveFlow Modular X1 is designed to work efficient in most basket-to-bag scenarios.

MoveFlow Modular X2 is preferably used in situations where the customer needs more packing space.

MoveFlow Modular X0 X0 has an optimized footprint and is used as an express checkout or as a pay station.


  • MoveFLOW Modular can be equipped with several different card or card/ cash solutions to meet every customer requirement
  • MoveFLOW Classic can be equipped with most common scanner/scale systems available on the market
  • MoveFLOW Classic is equipped with a self-learning scale system that will detect mistakes and attempted theft
  • MoveFLOW Classic is compatible with bag holders for most bag types and bag sizes
  • Depending on model, MoveFLOW Classic can be equipped with different shelves configurations such as bag storage etc
  • Customizable in different colors