- Next generation conventional checkout

- 360° barcode scanner

- The system works in BUFFERING MODE: the second customer can scan the products while the first one is still paying

The ScanMate solution is the next generation conventional checkout.

ScanMate is mainly used to lower the cost of traditional checkouts for the retailer and to reduce queues. The solution creates 2 lines of customers managed by only one operator. The scanners read the barcodes of the products at 360° allowing the automatic and continuous passage to the packing areas. The operator intervenes only if the product barcode can't be read.

The unit can include weighing scale and cash payment systems. The checkout requires no POS integration and is actuallyrunning like todays checkout from a software perspective.


  • One staff member handles two flows of customers
  • More capacity on same work hours
  • Capacity example at 15 items is totally 95 customers / hour
  • Increase throughput per work hour and thereby reducing queues
  • A leap step in ergonomics for the staff member
  • Innovative and patented solution