Shopping Experience

Shopping Experience

Designing the Shopping Experience

The retail outlet is much more than a mere collection of shelves: it is a space designed to engage the senses, doing so through design: atmosphere, lights, colours and layout are all crafted to ensure a complete shopping experience.

Thanks to our personnel's experience and professionalism, we now create and develop Retail Design projects whose main aim is to get customers involved - in the right way, at the right time - thanks to smartphones and proximity marketing technology.

In today's modern world, in fact, “personalinformation has become a key asset. In a constantly connected world, full of tracking and monitoring systems, each point of contact with consumers represents an opportunity to get to know them better and provide them with a rewarding shopping experience in terms of both time and space.

That's why we at Cefla Shopfitting design and develop contextual services to learn about customers' preferences: over time, this lets us generate personalised results, anticipating future needs and adding value to a shopping experience that is, today, often 'on the go'.

We enjoy the dual strengths of a solid industrial infrastructure and tried-and-tested know-how. However, we also have the capacity to develop customised concepts, for Large Scale Retail and Specialised Retail, thus optimising display areas.

Specialised and personalised furnishing solutions

We at Cefla Shopfitting design personalised shop concepts, we propose and integrate LED technology and technologies for proximity marketing, covering sectors ranging from Hospitality to Retail.

Boasting a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions designed to maximize floor space (such as our Smart Shelving system), our aim is to satisfy completely the demands of our customers by designing and developing solutions that can be fully integrated, and that are ideal for both food and non-food sectors.

People and professionalism at the heart of our project management.
We work in close collaboration with our clients to obtain an in-depth understanding of their markets and to design the complete shopping experience.
Design, engineering, prototyping, delivery and installation: we have an overall view of the project but pay the closest attention to the details.

Designing a complete Shop Experience involves closely examining the options, formats and technology, with a careful consideration of the dynamics of today and an inclination to change tomorrow.

We integrate new technologies into concepts that we develop using latest generation industrially produced components.
A unique mix, achieved by applying the skills and professionalism we have developed over the years in designing the interiors of sales outlets and by making use of our industrial skills, that can ensure the successful management of complex worksites and timescales and can provide structures and components of high quality and high performance, both from a dimensional and ergonomic point of view and in terms of management of the store.