Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing

Today proximity marketing has become an essential element in personalising the shopping experience: on the one hand, it helps customers navigate their way around the store, and on the other it provides the retailer with analytical data that is vital for optimising the delivery of personalised messages based on customers’ preferences (customer clustering).

In our smart solutions we arrange the activation of each proximity marketing platform guaranteeing the best interactivity in the store (beacons with constant signal intensity via 24-volt electrical power supply, cloud, SDK).

Proximity Marketing for OLSRT (possibility):

1.     In-store navigation (map, shopping experience)
2.     Customer loyalty
3.     Coupons (digital discounts)
4.     Promotions
5.     Reviews
6.     Product info
7.     Social Sharing
8.     Augmented Reality

In the right place at the right time
Thanks to proximity marketing technology we can communicate with our consumers in the right place, at the right time.

For example, when a person shows interest in a project a notification can be sent to his/her device, offering a push-coupon relative to the on-shelf product being looked at.

For us, being in the right place at the right time means inviting people into the shop when they're in the vicinity of the outlet: we can even show the best way of getting there.

How it works

Inside a supermarket, the area of interest is covered by Bluetooth smart station beacons able to detect the position of the smartphones within the sensor's range.
Thanks to the beacons and a dedicated App installed on the device, we can send notifications and messages that are contextual to the person's exact location.

Siamo in grado di proporre progetti di Proximity Marketing Near Store, In Store, Near Product.

5 senses not enough? Augmented Reality
Proximity marketing technology has allowed us to study ways of enriching human sensory perception with information that would otherwise be imperceptible via the five senses. In two words: ‘augmented reality’, which gives OLSRT outlets the opportunity to engage with in-store customers using dedicated coupons for the purpose of making a brand easier to find within a store or communicating with persons in the store.

More info? We use QR Codes.

Proximity marketing technology can meet the need for more detailed in-store content: recipe ideas for a particular product, videos illustrating the applications of a technology, references to literature concerning services or ethical-social aspects of production - or, more simply, the benefits of a certain fruit or vegetable extract or advice on the most suitable cream on the basis of one's physical traits or the season.
The App will also allow users to read QR codes, providing access to a broad variety of multimedia content for a deeper in-store experience.

Custom-made Shopping Experience.

Customers' opinions, their in-store routes and their focus of attention are, today, essential to the study and provision of a made-to-measure Shopping Experience.

That's why we use proximity marketing technology to gather data and information (analytics); it allows us to trace consumer pathways and define their behaviour, learn their consumption habits and seek out a dialogue with all individuals in the right way and at the right time.

Proximity marketing technology allows us, for example, to contact users, involve them in interactive surveys and offer them digital discounts.