Toy Planet | Palencia

The choice of Cefla Shopfitting as partner for the format restyling process of all brand retail outlets consolidated our cooperation with Toy Planet. Stores have already been created in San Sebastián de los Reyes and Zamora, besides the one in Palencia.

The client’s objective was to enhance its image with attractive features in order to stand apart from the competition, and to merge both the physical and digital store by implementing a digitalisation process of the retail outlet. Concept development included designing a new entrance portal with bright hues and LED lights studied to make it a focal point, an invitation to step in and discover an unexplored world.

The idea of movement is also conveyed by the colours used inside the store for display solutions. They create a playful dynamic setting where olfactory marketing concepts have also been adopted. The format was completed with the Lighting Retail Design project defined to exploit lighting for a fascinating atmosphere.