Pet Shop Selex | Bellinzago

Customer: Selex

Location: Bellinzago

Year: 2018

The retail outlet is situated inside the Corte Lombarda shopping mall in Bellinzago (MI), which stands alongside the Il Gigante supermarket. Our customer Selex asked us to create a Concept for a new Pet Shop chain under the “Animali che Passione” brand name.

The aim of the Retail Design project was to create a space that can be used effectively yet also be innovative and well organised in terms of aisle layout and product display. This approach allows customers to move freely around the shop and among the products while retaining a good overall view of the store from every angle.

Display units with a natural iron finish have been selected to enhance the perceived quality of the product range. Careful assessment of graphic design solutions has given in-store communication a modern, lively mood, making the outlet a dynamic one.