Grow Unit_Cefla_Conad

Grow Units | Installed by Conad in Rimini and Forlì

Conad and Cefla Shopfitting have launched the 'microgreens' project in the Le Befane mall, in Rimini, and the Puntadiferro mall in Forlì.

Cefla Shopfitting Grow Units have been installed in Conad hypermarkets at the Le Befane mall in Rimini and the Puntadiferro mall in Forlì, allowing consumers to enjoy 'superfoods' grown directly in-store, not just at 'zero kilometres' but at 'zero cm'!

Installed in the Fruit and Vegetable department, the Grow Unit is a sort of greenhouse incorporated in the shelving which, thanks to specially designed LED lighting and irrigation, allows microgreens to be grown in just 7 days, all year round.

This is a huge step forwards in the quest to provide the final consumer with fresh, healthy food. Microgreens contain up to 40 times more nutritional substances and vitamins than normal vegetables, hence the ‘superfood’ tag. The Grow Unit provides large-scale retail outlets with a distinctive way of offering fresh products, ensuring satisfaction for ever-more demanding consumers who are well informed about food quality.