Conad "Sapori&Dintorni" Milan Central Station

Conad "Sapori&Dintorni" Milan Central Station

The store dedicated to the typical Italian excellence, in travel size.

Customer: Conad Centro Nord
Location: Milano - Italy
Year: 2015

The Conad point of sale, faithful to the concept "Flavours and Surroundings", equipped by Cefla, is a store of excellence for both characteristics and location, covering an area of 800 square meters.

The 4000 references, benchmark of Italian food, are placed on the Wireplus shelves in black color.
The store of the railway station in Milan is dedicated to all those who serve and underground railway, the Milanese and tourists, an increase of passage, thanks to EXPO.

References are expertly fitting the Cefla equipments, both perimeter and in the center area, the supermarket is well maintained and gondolas plexiglass make the store warm and tidy, up to the ergonomics checkouts Futura Proxi.

Used products

Commercial metal shelving: a complete and modular display system for …

Ergonomic, flexible and reliable checkout desks: ideal for small and …