Cefla partner Chef Express in service area innovation

Gruppo Cremonini’s new Chef Store Arno opens. A total customisation, achieved by integrating bespoke items with the most advanced off-the-shelf product.

Customer: Chef Express - Gruppo Cremonini
Location: Incisa in Val d'Arno, Italy
Year: 2016

Chef Express (Gruppo Cremonini) revolutionises the concept of service area retail outlets.
No more narrow mandatory pathways to get to the exit, but really welcoming and spacious areas, where you can stop and do quality shopping, moving around freely. That describes the new Chef Store Arno, opened on 4 July 2016 in the Arno Ovest service area on the A1 motorway near the Incisa exit in Val d’Arno.

A radical restyling carried out by Cefla which integrated know-how based on experience with consumers, the use of customised items and latest generation off-the-shelf components. A unique mix, obtained by applying Zenith Shop Design’s historical skills to the image and harmony of retail outlets and by making use of Cefla’s industrial potential, capable of handling complex management of construction sites and timescales and of providing high quality structures and components that deliver high performance from a dimensional and ergonomic point of view and a retail outlet management perspective.

Among these is the EvoUp central backpanel in sheet metal that, among its various advantages, can be disassembled without having to move the shelving. Wooden surfaces and components typify the quality of this format and contribute to the creation of a warm and engaging environment.
The lighting installed by C-LED, a Cefla company specialising in systems for visual merchandising, interior and outdoor design and industrial lighting, generates a powerful communicative effect.

“We are particularly pleased with the result of this customisation,” said Mario De Santis, technical manager of Zenith Shop Design, “and to have contributed, with our know-how and our product, to this important result achieved by Chef Express, which certainly significantly raises the bar of quality of the environment and of the reception in retail outlets within a service area.”