Carrefour Express has chosen Wireplus for “Eat&Shop”

The Cefla display system is being used to furnish the new Milan point of sale

Customer: Carrefour Express
Location: Milano
Year: 2016

The Cefla Wireplus system has been chosen by Carrefour Express to equip the first “Eat&Shop”, the new store inaugurated on 24 June in Via San Marco, Milan. The 250 sq.m point of sale, open from 8am to 10pm is dedicated to the client who's looking for a different way of eating: fast, tasty and with plenty of high quality and fresh food. The “Eat&Shop” stores do in fact offer seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as smoothies, juices, fruit salads and yogurts and a wide variety of baked items, hot and cold deli sections, hygiene products and wines, with a particular preference for organic, gluten free, vegan and health foods in general. The whole thing is set in a welcoming and contemporary context, which also includes a refreshments area, wifi and a charging station for smartphones.

The whole thing is rendered light and practical thanks to Cefla's Wireplus, the new modular display system which uses metallic wire shelving to enhance the point of sale with wide curves that characterise the ends of each section, the result of high quality production and design technologies, and with the light passing through which, filtered through the metallic mesh, enhances the products on display and makes the breaks between stock less noticeable. Furthermore, Wireplus requires a lower level of attention in terms of cleaning, as dust is not able to accumulate on the shelving.