Ariston Pharmacy - Naples

Ariston Pharmacy - Naples

The Ariston pharmacy, owned by Dr. Angelo Padovani, is located in Naples' most populated district, Fuorigrotta.

Customer: Dr. Angelo Padovani's pharmacy
Location: Fuorigrotta - Naples

Products used: System 10, glass shelves on brackets, metal, suspended and backlit (cosmetics) shelves.
Solutions: Counters, info desk /cosmetics area, Horizontal promo displayer, furniture for rear of shop (sorting, sample analysis and laboratory)

The primary goals of the renovation project, with the transfer of the pharmacy onto the high street, were to:

  • obtain visibility
  • provide more space and improved accessibility compared to the old location.

These goals were achieved thanks to teamwork between Cefla Shopfitting and Studio Mid (Made in Design) who, through careful assessment of the floor plan, succeeded in providing a layout with clearly defined departments (from well-being, to natural products and prescription drugs) and making the most of available space in every detail. For example, thanks to the use of an automated storage facility, the retail area occupies 3/4 of the space (1/4 is dedicated to the rear of the shop).

Thanks to a special cross-section assessment, which led to the construction of a tilted false ceiling, the architectural aspect plays a key role. The cosmetics counter - consisting of System10 shelving with suspended glass, backlit shelves specially made for this department - is installed at the rear.

The task of enhancing the recognisability of the Ariston pharmacy concluded with the design of the logo and messaging, ensuring recognisability and visibility outside the shop as well as inside.