FreeFLOW | 1 line queue management

FREE FLOW: the digital management of the single line that improves the customer's waiting experience

Plug n Play Electronic Call Forwarding is a quick and easy to install, ticket-less queuing solution. Customers physically wait in a line, are served when it’s their turn, and when the counter is open.

FREE FLOW drastically improves linear and single line queuing experience, reduces waiting times & increases operational efficiency.

FREE FLOW is a step forward to simplify queuing experiences while optimizing service efficiency allowing to manage both Serviced and Self-Serviced Chekouts.


•The shopper is able to determine which of the checkouts are available before entering the correlated area
•Anxiety is reduced for the shopper and it is clear that they have selected the correct queue without having to seek further colleague assistance
•Screen size and mounting options are variable


  • Works as stand-alone or integrated solution, for example with POS, digital signage and monitoring systems
  • Wired and wireless connectivity options for nodes allows priority to security or flexibility and simple installation
  • Scalable platform capable of delivering additional integration and features in the future