Containers & Checkout Front Displays

Maxi volume stackable and foldable containers, with feet or wheels; metal wire checkout front displays.

CONTAINERS provide excellent capacity and are perfect for both warehouse storage or retail displays. While they offer a practical solution for any type of shop, they are particularly useful for non-food promotional campaigns. When not in use they also offer the space-saving advantage of being compact when stacked.
Each model is available in several different sizes. Can be fitted with wheels to make movement easier; this is especially useful at the logistics stage. 

SHOW is the tactical check-out front displayer expressly designed to boost impulse/unplanned purchasing. Positioned just before the check-out, it raises outlet yields by acting as a clear customer stimulus, reminding them of articles not normally included on the shopping list.

Technical data of LARGE container

  • Useful during storage (they can also be stacked) and goods handling
  • Best solution for non-food shops and promotional purposes
  • Capacity and manoeuvrability: Capacity 450 kg

Technical data of SMALL container

  •  Extremely practical in both logistics and sales areas
  •  For food and non-food shops
  •  Capacity 450 kg

Technical data of SHOW

SHOW is a check-out front displayer that is just perfect for the check-out area.

  • Base and baskets are fully made of wire
  • 4 shelves
  • Versatile design: integrates smoothly in all types of retail trade
  • Designed for all goods categories
  • Shows off goods at their best and drives impulse purchasing


  • Large capacities containers: 450 kg
  • Stackable and foldable containers
  • Container with feet or wheels
  • Wire check-out front displayer: enhances the items and stimulates the buying impulse
  • The best choice for every types of goods