CheckMATE 500 Checkouts

•High productivity conventional checkout

•It is more than 50% productive compared to a standard checkout

•Improves ergonomics for the cashier who does not lift the products

Focused on Ergonomics

Working as a cashier is physically demanding. Therefore excellent ergonomics are the cornerstone of our development. Checkmate is built to prevent unnecessary lifting and designed to avoid and minimize the cashier’s range of reach/stretch.

A rewarding and inspiring visit to your shop is made even better when your customers can pay and pass through the checkout area quickly and smoothly. In Checkmate, we have used all our experience to create an optimal checkout that will provide maximum working ergonomics and efficiency for your checkout assistants/operators, and importantly, significantly improve a customer’s checkout experience by delivering increased levels of customer satisfaction.

Checkmate - prepared for easy adaption to all well-established payment systems and cash registers. Easily accessible installation/data compartments for electricity draws and space for CPU.


  • High security with emergency stop and pinch protection - Also on the weight portion
  • Concealed wiring
  • Folding pack shelf
  • Belt scales  minimize lifting and stretching - The intelligent integrated weight scale to belt saves cashier up to 800 tonnes of heavy lifting a year