20 January 2023

The new Sportland Bike, every cyclist’s favourite stop-over, opens in Brescia

The new Sportland Bike, covering a surface of approximately 800 sq. m., opens its doors in Brescia. The store is part of the Sportland brand, but it is the first one specifically catering for the Bike world.

The claim of the new store is “every cyclist’s favourite stop-over”. Here, cyclists can not only find a wide range of bike models, but also clothing, accessories, supplements and services, such as the “Shimano service centre”, dedicated to bike maintenance.

The 3x3 display system provided by Cefla Retail Solutions makes for modern and engaging outfitting, playing with different heights and solutions, and with a variety of displays, clothing racks and display tables.

The lightboxes placed in specific points of the store help shoppers distinguish and identify the various sports goods.

We are proud to have made a contribution to the new store dedicated to the bike world!