08 January 2024


Sportland, a reference point for the Sport and Sportswear market in Italy, was in search of a partner who could support them in the restyling of the retail store in terms of furnishings, lighting, and …

A versatile and modular display system

ITAB, with branded solutions from Imola Retail Solutions, has developed and provided a range of modular and versatile displays capable of making the exhibition modern and captivating, playing with different heights and solutions, ranging from displays to clothing racks to display tables.

Thanks to a patented system, the assembly of the individual pieces of furniture takes place without any welding or screws: the modularity of the system allows reducing the footprint for easier and more sustainable transportation.

An innovative display system improves efficiency

The wall dedicated to the display of shoes constitutes a significant innovation. Extending for about 30 meters in length and reaching a height of about 3.5 meters, this wall not only delineates the exhibition area from the warehouse but also serves multiple functions, acting as an exhibition, communication, and storage element. This solution has optimized the use of available space, allowing staff to provide quick and efficient service to customers.

The materials

Ranging from wood and metal finishes to furnishings made with metal mesh panels, the final result is a minimalist design, a typically industrial environment also emphasized by the exposed installations characterizing the ceiling.

The strategically placed lightboxes inside the store play a key role in differentiating and highlighting the various merchandise sections. Thanks to their interchangeable graphics, communication can be updated simply and effectively, adapting to the needs of the moment.

The light

ITAB designers have dedicated special attention to the relationship between physical forms and luminous lines, proposing a study of lighting design that highlights the various areas of the store through track spotlights, with their accent lighting, and that can at the same time guide the customer along the main paths thanks to the proposal of a linear lighting fixture.