01 February 2016

Smart Shelving System: making Retail "smart" too

The "smart shopping experience" from Cefla

Now, thanks to cutting-edge shop display developments, it's the Retail world's turn to get "smart". With the new SMART SHELVING SYSTEM, Cefla has combined structural and ergonomic advantages with electrification of the display system, transforming it from passive to interactive.

SMART SHELVING SYSTEM is modular, significantly reducing the overall dimensions of shelving but without reducing display space. In addition to making the physical shopping experience easier and allowing promotional areas to be added thanks to the extra space made available by the reduced bulk, electrification of the display paves the way for direct communication with customers.

Integration with proximity marketing systems occurs via the “Digital shelf”, a low voltage electrical signal bus that provides shelves with power, LED lighting and digitalization without any need for batteries.
Now you can 'talk' with individual customers' smartphones, recognise them and send them the right message at the right time, that is, when they're standing in front of the shelf, thus optimising the effectiveness of personalised marketing.

The applications are infinite and range from couponing to brand promotion, from shopping lists to in-store navigation, from interactive surveys to product info, from fidelity cards to big data, from code management to mobile payment.