23 October 2019

The shopping experience is personalised at the new Bricocenter in Lucca

Product supply, service and customer relations are the keywords for the remodelling of the Bricocenter in Lucca, Tuscany.

Cefla has contributed to the restyling of the store, which has an area of approximately 3200 sq.m, providing display systems, racks, a welcome desk area and furnishings in wood.

The display systems created aim to promote the products, with a view to greater supply, an increase of the product range and stock that is always available to the client.

The store team includes specialised operators who have been trained in client reception and in order to provide advice on products and DIY projects.

The welcome area and the “Fitting and installation” desk demonstrate how the store takes particular care over the requirements of clients who can, for example, make use of the services of a specialised professional for the installation of our products or can rent professional tools.

The new Bricocenter does not supply only products but acts as an authentic partner for clients, capable of meeting various requirements and making the shopping experience a unique and personalised one.