25 October 2021

The new "Spazio Conad" store opens in Cecina

A new Spazio Conad is opening in Cecina, in a new 12,000 sqm Shopping Mall.

Spazio Conad is not only a place to do your shopping, it is also a place where the customer can enjoy an all-round experience. The store features a “Con Cura (With Care)” area with Pharmacy-led health and beauty products and Optician, an area dedicated to personal health and well-being where the customer can make their purchases with the aid of specialised personnel.

In addition to the “Cantina (Wine Cellar)” area with over 750 labels, there is the “Frantoio (Oil Mill)” area, a zone completely dedicated to the various types of oil.

It is impossible not to appreciate the care and attention that has gone into the choice of materials for some of the display systems with the intention of creating specific focal points along the grocery aisles, such as the area dedicated to products like chocolate, coffee, tea or aperitifs. The area dedicated to tea and infusions, for example, features a jute backdrop, a natural fabric that goes perfectly with the display of products made from leaves, flowers, herbs and spices. The endcaps are wood-cladded, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The 3x3 display system creates a more modern and captivating set-up, playing with different colours and heights, helping make certain points more focal.

An explosion of colours characterises the children’s area: three colourful and intertwined tubes hanging from the ceiling simulate a machine that delivers all kinds of candies.

The shopping mall features a Pet Store with a selection of more than 5000 articles and services dedicated to all pets, such as grooming and veterinary assistance.

We are very proud to have been part of the creation of this new store, distinguished by its level of customisation.