26 May 2022

New Monoprix hypermarket opened in Qatar

New Monoprix hypermarket opened in Qatar, covering a 6000-square-metre area.

Monoprix is a well-known French brand offering the very best of retail: not only food products, but also household goods, perfumes, organic products, restaurants, and much more.

Upon entering a Monoprix hypermarket, customers are amazed to see how carefully the various settings, furnishings, and products on display are chosen. In fact, the Monoprix chain has introduced a concept, which is to create a multitude of in-store experiences for customers.

The fruit and vegetable section, dominated by a tree placed inside the display area, designed by Cefla Retail Solutions, conveys a sense of freshness and naturalness, and guides customers as they purchase fresh and seasonal produce.

The large area dedicated to organic products features wood-finished display units. The “Candy Station” bursts with colour: it is an area where colours and sweets rain down from the sky – and it is hard not to be impressed.

Thanks to our 3x3 system, the tables break up the neat shelf layout, improving the way products are displayed in the household goods department.

We are proud to have contributed to this hypermarket project, which is more than just a place for grocery shopping, by offering display solutions and checkouts.