01 February 2024

A new Italian-flavoured format for Parma Supermarkets in Armenia

A new Parma Supermarket with a floor space of approximately 350 m2 is opening in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

The customer was looking for a partner company with whom to design and build a new retail format. The Solution Design team provided the customer with close support to create a layout that would be practical in terms of visibility and display capacity while optimizing consumer pathways.

The customer wanted to recreate a retail environment with a distinctive Italian style that would bring out the best in a range of product areas: from wine to fruit and veg, from the bread department to the cured meats and cheese counter.

Our designers worked closely with the customer to analyse the assortment: they examined all aspects of the interior design, proposing solutions for the settings, false ceilings, flooring, lighting, furnishings, graphics and decoration.

Much of the attention focused on the wine corner, characterized by wood-effect stoneware flooring and indirect perimeter lighting that reflects off the walls, ceiling and furnishings to achieve uniform, suffused illumination. That same indirect lighting runs around the entire perimeter of the store.

The lighting project was specially designed to create just the right atmosphere and make for a more pleasant shopping experience, with accent lighting in the fresh produce area and LED light bars in the grocery area.

The cheese area focused on showcasing the Parmesan, highlighted by a custom-made display system. The installation of a tree in the fruit and vegetable area symbolises all that is natural and fresh.

The end result is a retail environment that evokes Italian style, a place where product flavour and freshness reign supreme.