23 September 2020

The new Decò hyperstore Shopping Experience: much more than just shopping

Another Arena Group (Vegè) Decò hyperstore has opened in Palermo.

Here, the brand offers a retail outlet that goes way beyond simple shopping to make the store a great place for meeting up and socialising.

Consumers are immersed in a true Gourmet Experience that lets them consume products directly in-store or stop off at special corner areas where they can do some serious tasting with a chef or sommelier.

Decò proposes a supermarket model that meets consumers' wellness and quality-of-life needs. Fresh and super-fresh produce take pride of place, as the "market garden" corner clearly demonstrates. Here, you can put together fresh salads, gather all the ingredients for a soup or prepare yourself a glass of orange juice.

At Decò, the consumer comes first: so much so that the wine department provides a blast chiller so customers can cool their chosen wines in minutes.

Our Retail Design team provided the customer with close support in setting up several departments and areas, helping to create a store that is both innovative and stylish.

3x3 display system, selected for specific areas such as the wine and perfumery departments, allows for dynamic product display, responding to the need for 'vibrant' spaces that can be customised in terms of size, configuration, colour and materials.