28 June 2022

The new Conad Superstore opens in Reggio Emilia

The new Conad Superstore opens its doors in Reggio Emilia, extending over an area of ​​3000 sqm.

It is an architecturally innovative store that aims at saving energy, containing CO2 emissions and at respecting and enhancing the surrounding landscape.

In fact, a photovoltaic system with a peak power of 110 kW was installed on the roof of the supermarket, aiming at significantly reducing polluting emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and at providing a large part of the commercial structure’s energy needs.

We are so proud to have contributed to the creation of the new store by providing:

  • futura plus checkout counters
  • the SigmaGate, the elegant entry and exit system, which is slim, smooth and safe
  • our display solutions which allow to highlight any displayed products thanks to their light structure.

Specifically, in the wine shop and in the book shop, the 3x3 display system may be customised in terms of size, shape, colour and material, thus allowing to create lively and dynamic spaces.