26 February 2021

The new Bricocenter as an authentic partner for clients

The Falconara Marittima Bricocenter has been restyled in keeping with customer needs.

The welcome area and the “Fitting and installation” desk demonstrate how the store takes particular care over the requirements of clients who can, for example, make use of the services of a specialised professional for the installation of our products or can rent professional tools.

Renewal was guided by a desire to meet customers' needs by creating a welcoming, user-friendly retail outlet and expanding the range of services offered.

We're proud to have contributed to the renewal of the store,  which has an area of approximately 3400 sq.m, providing display systems, racks, a welcome desk area, furnishings in wood and ergonomic checkouts from our Futura Proxi line.

The new Bricocenter does not supply only products but acts as an authentic partner for clients, capable of meeting various requirements and making the shopping experience a unique and personalised one.