21 September 2016

The fruit and vegetable departments of the future

At the Macfrut trade fair in Rimini

We have presented some new ideas and display solutions for the fruit and vegetable department of the future at the New Retail Solution area of the Macfrut2016 trade fair. The contemporary style display area, in line with the latest trends in the field of “gourmetisation” is the perfect stage for showing off locally produced seasonal fruit and the very best items along with suggestions for presentation, all accompanied by interactive heads with digital signage screens.

During the first day of the 33rd edition of the trade fair we were invited to contribute to the forum entitled “Fruit and vegetable departments of the future. A focus on areas & segmentation, performance & management” in order to discuss possible developments in this field which, for all players on the large-scale retail scene, is the calling card with which to present themselves to clients. A strategic area which should however remain in line with the requirements of ever-more forward-thinking clients who pay attention to the ethical and health aspects of each item of produce.

The protagonists of the forum included Roberto Della Casa – professor at the University of Bologna and Managing Director of Agroter, Daniela Ostidich – Marketing & Trade President who went on to highlight how the consumer of tomorrow will be looking for ever more highly developed sales experiences and Claudio Dall'Agata – manager at Bestack, who demonstrated how the role of packaging will no longer be limited to simply containing and transporting a product.

Andrea Ventura – Managing Director of the Shopfitting Business Unit – took part as the representative of Cefla, explaining innovations in the fields of display and technology in the New Retail Solution area, opposite the entrance to the exhibition centre. In particular, Ventura explained how sophisticated materials and the verticalisation of displays help to improve the comfort of a retail outlet. Digital displays, proximity marketing made possible by the Cefla Smart Shelving System, and all the digital innovations within a store, are fundamental requirements for satisfying the end customer's growing demand for information.