16 September 2022

Comet in Budrio refurbish Hi-Fi and Home Theatre area

Hi-Fi and Home Theatre enthusiasts? Comet in Budrio has refurbished two areas in the store that are just right for you!

Together with the Solution Design team of Imola Retail Solutions, two areas have been attractively and effectively restyled specifically for audio-multimedia devices.

A whole new look that evokes the comfort and privacy of a living room, where a high fidelity audio expert illustrates the quality of various equipment, allowing you to try it out live.

A totally redesigned environment, from the lighting to the floors. The flexibility of the display systems makes it possible for the area manager to move all the devices quickly and easily while keeping the wiring hidden.

The Hifi system and Home Theatre rooms are enclosed by glass walls which not only illuminate the area but also help to separate them from the rest of the store, offering the customer the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a space devoted to sound and image.