20 June 2016

Cefla solutions for Conad PetStores

Image and display solutions by Cefla Shopfitting to be used in PetStores being set up by Conad consortium cooperatives around Italy

As the name suggests, PetStores are new shops dedicated to the growing market for domestic animal products and Conad plans to open approximately one hundred of them all over Italy by the end of 2019. PetStores won't be 'hosted' inside Conad supermarkets but will, instead, be independently located retail outlets (e.g. in shopping centres to underline their specialist nature). “In Conad PetStores too”, comments Andrea Ventura, Managing Director of Cefla Shopfitting, “we've put our experience to excellent use by designing personalised formats, offering retailers high quality solutions that allow for comprehensive, effective goods display.”

Cefla Shopfitting started working on the Conad PetStore project in 2015 and has supervised basic shop layout, organisation and customer communication. In this format, Cefla Shopfitting has used its products to achieve optimised goods display, making extensive use of wire backpanels, the EvoUp sheet metal single backpanel, wire displayers and System10 shelving: ultra-thin and designed to meet all modern visual merchandising requirements, they guarantee load capacities on a par with those of traditional shelves, necessary to support the weight of dry and moist pet food packages. 

“The long-standing experience and skill of Cefla's designers”, continues Andrea Ventura, “and the dimensional-ergonomic characteristics of our product, designed to optimise use of floor space in large retail outlets, are also clear winners in small shops where it's necessary to offset limited space with maximised goods display.” 

Key Conad PetStore elements include the Futura Proxi Compact checkouts, which allow even the smallest shops (Conad PetStores range from 250 to 500 square metres) to have multiple points for payment, which occurs as a frontal interaction between customer and cashier.