22 November 2016

Cefla France for Carrefour Supermarkets

New sales outlet equipped by Cefla opens in Bayonne

Cefla Shopfitting’s French branch has fitted out the 5,000 square metres of the new Carrefour supermarket that was opened on 27 October 2016 in Bayonne, a city located in the Aquitaine region, renowned for its Atlantic coasts and its Bordeaux vineyards.

The supermarket is located in the Ametzondo Shopping mall in the Ikea shopping centre and was fitted out from scratch by Cefla’s French branch. The project enabled Cefla to introduce new concepts of space and construction, thanks to some specialised solutions, among which the area for displaying wines particularly stands out, with its extensive use of wood and highly flexible combinations. Solutions aimed on the one hand at optimising the available space and on the other at enhancing the wine specialities on display, in particular those produced locally. Much admired are the area dedicated to fruit and vegetables, and the finish of the perfume department and the bookshop, which are particularly distinctive thanks to the LED technology lighting systems.