30 April 2015

Cefla with Coop in Expo 2015

Cefla, in synergy with Zenith Shop Design a company of the Group specialized in custom furnitures, is a partner of the innovative Coop Supermarket of the Future in the Future Food District at Expo 2015 Milan.
The Pavilion of the Future of Food by Coop has been developed in collaboration with MIT Senseable City Lab of Boston and the study Carlo Ratti associated.

The Future Food District offers a real supermarket of 2,500 square meters, where you will buy products of 5 chains, milk and dairy products to fruit and vegetables and wine. With a wave of the hand you will have the information about the product: origin, processing, properties, route and environmental impact.
Cefla has provided, in the store, where you can also do the shopping, the shelves: LED-illuminated dedicated furnitures, both perimeter and in the center of the supermarket, integrated with videoLed and touch screen, that will displays information about the product on display, its origin, the supply chain, the presence of allergens or less.