The 3x3 modular display system.

Customise your store while making the best use of space
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After planning the layout of your sales point, it is essential to choose the right modular fittings.

This allows you:
- to use your display creativity
- adapt the sales area to a specific season
- create an environment that attracts and engages your customers.

The 3x3 display system is the answer to the market’s need for flexibility, customisation and need to renew or characterise certain areas or the entire store with more modern and lively furnishing.

The 3x3 display system can be disassembled and configured in just a few steps. 

A furnishing system made with 3x3 cm tubular supports, composed of: single/bi-slotted column, stringer and crosspiece.

The size, shape, colour and material of the system can all be customised and it is also easy to clean and sanitise.

We offer you the possibility of fitting out your space with customised solutions. We will design your fittings, combining the demands and expectations of aesthetics and functionality.  Want ot find out more? Download the eBook! 


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